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Evaluation of Construction Contract Management in the Nigerian Construction Industry

2022, Volume 12, Issue 1


Opara Hyginus Emeka Department Of Civil Engineering, Imo State University Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria


Construction projects in Nigeria are most of the time not completed within schedule, cost and quality specifications and at times project abandonment. In evaluating the construction contract management practice in Nigeria with the objective of ascertain the tendering methods, usage of construction document and the common techniques used in construction planning. One-way analysis of variance and multiple regression analysis were used in the analysis. The analysis of the respondent score relating to hypothesis for using regression model showed the regression equation as Y=10.43983+0.7525x1+0.3419x2+0.5256x3+0.1874x4. The coefficient of multiple correlation (R) was 0.909124 and this means that 91% positive correlation exist between the successful implementation of construction contract. The independent variables explain 83% of the variables in successful implementation of construction contracts and the remaining 17% could be attributed to other unspecified factors.

Pages: 32-45
How to cite this article:
Emeka, O. H. (2022). Evaluation of Construction Contract Management in the Nigerian Construction Industry. European Project Management Journal, 12(1), 32-45. DOI: 10.56889/okvu9986
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